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London is one of the tourist destination places where people love to visit here. It is known as the largest city in Europe. London is located on the famous River Thames. The capital of London is United Kingdom. It is considered as both tourists as well as a business city as millions of people visit here annually. Not only this The Heathrow airport of London is considered to be the busiest airport in the world as many visitors visit here daily.

Many famous places

There are many famous places to visit like London Museum, the royal palace and different activities can be seen here. London is known as one of the expensive city in the world. Full 2 bedroom facility is available for tourist and visitors.

They don’t have to worry about anything instead many good facilities are provided here. It is one of the safe cities to visit for tourist destination. The local areas in London are dividing with the separate postal code so that one can find places easily. There are many things which attract visitors.

Top places to visit in London:

  • British Museum: the British Museum in London is one of the most famous and tourist attracted place. It was founded in the year 1753. As it is free of cost, one can visit here easily. It is located in the Bloomsbury area of London. Some of the famous objects like Rosetta stone, Parthenon Sculptures and Egyptian mummies can be seen here in the museum. It is the most visited place in London as 6 million people visit here yearly.
  • Tower of London: It is the other most tourist attracted place. If talk about its history then it was built by William the Conqueror in 1708 and founded by the Norman Conquest of England. It is known as the world heritage sites buy the UNESCO. It is assumed that the bridge consist of 23,500 jewels in it whose price is estimated near about $20 billion. One of the most interesting facts about this heritage site is that it is known as the haunted house.
  • Big Ben: The Big Ben consists of world’s largest clock inside the tower. The clock is known as the largest in the world. The clock is designed in such a way that its hour hand is 2.7m long and the minute hand is 4.25m long. It is designed by the Edmund Beckett Denison.
  • London Eye: London eye is the huge Ferris circle also known as the Millennium Wheel. It is also known as the name of Coca-Cola London Eye. It is known as the highest Ferris wheel in the world.

Not only this there many more things to see in London. London is also very famous for the shopping as people of London are very curious about their dresses and trendy style.