Explore The Less-Known Parts Of Australia

Australia – whenever the name of this beautiful opal continent is mentioned the images that conjure in the mind are that of the Great Barrier Reef, picturesque Melbourne and the iconic Sydney Opera House along with the Harbour in the background. Even the postcards and websites mostly feature the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the famous kangaroo or the desert or the Reef to depict Australia worldwide. However there is a lot more in this country and these are equally spectacular, like the Cape York at the Northernmost point of the continent.

The Cape York in Australia is the northernmost tip which is pristine and retains its natural terrain and beauty. The best way to explore the rugged wilderness of Cape York and the remote areas surrounding it is by driving a sports-utility four-wheel. Driving on your own through the raw and rugged landscape can be exhilarating and adventurous.

Many adventure seekers would love to drive through the wilderness and they need not worry about accommodation and meals. The best solution is to opt for cape york tag along tours where your four wheeler can join the fleet of 4wds in the tour and even lodging and meals and necessary permits will be taken care of by the tour planners.

These cape york tag along tours promise to be thrilling as the itinerary includes visits to fishing creeks, spectacular sunset points and wildlife reserves. Other interesting inclusions in the adventure tour are mine, old telegraph track route drive, aboriginal community, north-most cattle station and tour through wildlife reserve. Swimming opportunities at natural waterfalls as well as fishing at various creeks, beach and island visits and visits to historic sites such as old telegraph stations are included too.

The history of how explorers had to face hardships and struggle to reach the tip of Australia is fascinating. There are a lot of tour planners that conduct adventure tours to Cape York and the surrounding sites. All the places included in the tour are mostly untouched by human exploitation and retain the old world charm. They also include places, such as natural wildlife reserves, creeks, old telegraph stations and Islands. Most of these places have camping sites as accommodation and offer a great adventure for those seeking it.

The essentials to be packed for the tour apart from clothing and toiletries include walking shoes, sunscreen, hats, mosquito repellent, fly net, swimming gear, torch and medication. Also, since most of the accommodation is at camping sites, a comfortable pillow is needed for comfortable sleep. The adventurous itinerary promises a glimpse into an unexplored region of Australia where the raw beauty is still intact.

Houseboats On The Murray River

If you are looking for houseboats hire you will definitely find this kind of leisure activities popular on the Murray river. This is one place where people enjoy leisurely day trips or overnight weekends as well on houseboats sailing along the river and enjoying the main riverside attractions and the natural sceneries that are found around the river.

Different cruise vessels

River cruises can be as luxurious as sea or ocean cruises. There are sailing boats that are designed for accommodating small to large groups of people and all kinds of luxury facilities are provided on the boats. Indeed, the right boat makes all the difference when sailing on a river. While simple sailing boats are ideal for day trips, for an overnight journey, luxurious boats and house boat designed vessels are present. The kind of boat one hires for sailing down the Murray river in South Australia will make all the difference. If one is looking to fish alone, they can hire a simple fishing boat, but the same river can turn into a luxury trip destination by hiring a houseboat.

Houseboats on hire

There are houseboats that are available for hire in different sizes. The simplest ones are designed with a queen size bedroom as well as a bathroom that is separately positioned for the use of day guests. This kind of a boat makes sense for an overnight trip. If a couple is planning a luxury weekend trip, they need not look far. A weekend spent on the river in a luxury boat will surely be a unique romantic getaway than none other.

Caring for the river

With the popularity of tourist attractions and facilities along the Murray river, people are often concerned about the overcrowded nature of the waters and the polluting effect of the same. However, nowadays most houseboats hire providers ensure that filtration units and garbage disposal systems are so designed that no pollutants are released into the river water.

Unique holiday destination

For those who are new to the attractions in this region, not only is this river land an hour and a half drive from Adelaide or Mildura, one can even visit the wineries and golf courses that are famous here. As a result, the region offers all the necessities to have a unique, fun filled and exciting weekend trip which is not too far away.

At the same time the unique scenery in and around the river land region coupled with the beauty and luxury of a houseboat, will provide an unparalleled experience. The luxury houseboat providers are known to offer all luxury facilities, dining options and other forms of entertainment. The bedroom, sitting and dining areas are well equipped with all necessities and one can even take on dedicated service personnel for one’s convenience and pleasure. In these ways one can have a worry free trip down the river and a unique travel experience on the river.