Select The Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning has made its mark in domestic air conditioning installer in the market. All the ACs and refrigerators are heat pumps, which means they move heat from one area to another. Each heat pump consists of two coils—outside coil and inside coil. The refrigerant flows through these coils. As warm air flows over the cooling area, the refrigerant agent absorbs the heat from the air and cool air is pumped into the room. During the heating mode, the heat is taken from the outside air and hot air is thrown inside the room. This in no way means that the temperature should be very hot outside. The reverse cycle air conditioning works well even below the freezing point.

Most of these units are fitted with inverter which controls the compressor and air compressor output, thereby increasing the efficiency of the system. This inverter technology helps in maintaining the optimum temperature inside the room by changing the heat cycle as and when required.

Advantages of the ducted reverse air conditioning system

  • Economical heating and cooling:  A single unit is used for both heating and cooling the system. This system can cool the house in summers and warm the house in winters. This is an economical and energy efficient way to achieve both the functions using a single device. Running cost of a reverse cycle air conditioner is one third of the direct heater.
  • Exceptional performance and durability:  These split systems services in Perth are quite robust and efficient. They have inverters fitted in them which continually adjust the cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room. This not only helps in maintaining the right temperature in the room, but their auto-cut-off feature also makes them efficient. 
  • Provides clean and healthy spaces:  With their inbuilt air filter and the dehumidifier, these units are perfect for the people who suffer from allergies or illnesses like asthma. They keep the house clean from various impurities and odors.
  • Cost effective maintenance:  These refrigerated air conditioning systems are extremely durably and reliable. The only maintenance they need is preventive maintenance making them almost maintenance free equipment.
  • Cool to touch: Unlike the traditional heating systems, the compressor is cool to touch and hence is safer in the house with inquisitive children.
  • Zoning of the rooms: It is possible to zone the different areas using the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. A zoning motor is provided in that case which makes it possible to keep one room cool and other room warm using the same compressor system.
  • Comfortable functioning: Because of their inverter technologies, these systems are quite user friendly. Once the temperature is set, the rooms can be left at the device’s intelligence. No manual intervention is required to check the temperature again and again.

The above advantages show how efficient this system can be. So while asking for air conditioning quotes, look out for the option of duct based reverse cycle air conditioning system as it can make your life better and easier.