Taste Ripe Melons And Have Fun At The Melon Festival Of Chinchilla

There is no town dedicated to the harvesting of melons more than Chinchilla which is famed for its harvests in the Queensland country. It is named the melon festival town or the melon capital of Australia for no lesser reason. Those who have visited this quaint town will surely remark how it gets transformed every time the melon festival comes around. If you are planning to visit the town during the festival, it is best that you book in advance as stay facilities might be difficult to come across at this time of the year.

When to plan

If you are planning to visit the town in time for the festival, you could bookmark certain sites that advertise the festival dates in advance. Usually it is held towards the end of February every second year. As the last festival was held in 2015, the next festival is lined up for 2017. If you are planning to visit, you could book a few months in advance, keeping in mind that the local accommodation facilities are limited in this area. If you are looking for an accommodation in Chinchilla, read this post about it.

Weather conditions

The Chinchilla town is known for its warm and pleasant weather. Hence, around the month of February one can expect pleasant climate bordering on hot during the day time. As a result, it is best that you carry light clothing and old clothes if you are planning to participate in the festival. There are certain competitions that are held and general fun and frolic, all centered on the use of melons. There are several accommodation facilities that will offer detailed information about the events.

Fun activities to participate in

There are several fun activities that you can participate in when the festival hits the town. For the sporty people there is melon skiing that offers a lot of fun among tumbling and falling. One can also take part in races with melons which involves tumbles and falls in squishy melons all the way. One can participate in the pip spitting contest as well as bull’s eye shooting at melons. There are several other activities that are held around town at this time.

Maximize your local experience

When you are planning to get the most pleasure out of the melon festival, you will need to know the different activities from before and where they are held. You could plan to land in the town a few days in advance and get to know the whereabouts of the several events and contests. Many eateries have special menus at this time and other attractions are held across town that is worth checking out. One will get the true flavor of this community at this time of the year.