The Method Of Recycling Garbage

With the evolution of science, there was a major influx of gadget and electronic appliances. Every now and then old technology is being replaced with a new one, conspicuous consumption has lead to the need to buy new and latest gadgets and throw away the old ones, to be technologically updated. Now that the multi-nationals have jumped on to the bandwagon, the attempt to make old technology obsolete in order to make room for a new one, has increased manifolds, leading to a lot of wastage especially in the electronic department. This has lead to a trend where there has been an increase in waste which contains metals and chemicals leading to environmental hazards.

Changing trends

Earlier the phone was a landline device, which was used to make and receive calls, but then came the mobile phone which enables the user to carry it around. With that started a new trend, from simple black white screen device to a Smartphone, mobiles have evolved and how. With so many features and software being used, it does not take time for a mobile technology to get obsolete; this in turn gives a chance to the user to purchase and new device and the cycle continue. The same can be said for television, which were fat, bulky and black & white and now they are slim and colorful with an LED screen. People fail to understand that new technology is nothing but a marketing gimmick to sell new products. This process has given birth to excessive electronic waste disposal, which is very harmful to the environment. The metallic component of electrical appliances and the chemicals used in them are a serious threat to the earth, because they can become toxic in the long run.

How to go about it

With increasing knowledge about environmental hazards, it has become very clear that such components need to be re-used and recycled. There are still people in this world, for which obsolete technology is new, so re-selling the products when they are in a good condition is one way of stopping the electronic waste disposal. Also scrap components from gadgets are removed to be re-used in the future to create something new.

Stop and think

 As we all know natural resources are exhaustible and are being depleted at a super fast rate. The time has come to sit and think, as to how we can stop this from harming Mother Nature. E-Waste is posing a serious threat to the ecosystem by means of which human, plant and animal life is being disrupted. This needs  to be given a thought, and a proper solution is needed urgently.

Do your bit

Try to make the most of the entire electronic appliance you have, do not change them for the sake of an up-gradation. If the product stops functioning, instead of throwing it away you can always send it for recycling. So that next time, any of your computer parts do not work., or your cartridges dry out, or even if your TV stops working just make just make sure to recycle it.