Types Of Four Wheel Drive Systems

4WD means four-wheel-drive. It is a common term for car users and car lovers. A 4WD has 4 wheels in total and are driven also in 4 wheels and the second digit is the wheels driven.

For a 4WD wrecker to do his job, he/she must first know the different systems of 4WD’s. There are full-time 4WD, part-time 4WD and automatic 4WD.

Full-time 4WD

It is also known as permanent 4WD. It means that the power on all the four wheels is constant. If needed, the power can be shifted between the near and front axles. With this system, the traction is maximized in both slippery and dry driving conditions. It is also very easy because the driver conditions. It is also very easy because the driver doesn’t have to activate anything for it to work.

Unlike part time 4WD, the full time 4WD doesn’t have enough mobility on off-road situations. This is because the wheels are designed to spin even if it doesn’t have traction.

Part-time 4WD

It is a type of vehicle system that has the option to change from 4X2 to 4X4. It requires the driver to manually shift using a lever or a switch between 2WD and 4WD. This type of system allows the driver to have better traction, especially on slippery driving conditions because both the rear and front axles and wheels are locked together. The downside for part-time 4WD is that when you are on smooth and dry surface, you shouldn’t use the 4WD or else you would be spending a lot of money for repairing soon.

Automatic 4WD

It is considered as a full-time system because it lets the vehicle move in 2WD, which can be the rear or front wheels, and if needed, it can be moved to 4WD or AWD as per the judgement of the system. If necessary, it can automatically shift its power to all four wheels, this usually happens when the vehicle is on slippery conditions. For today’s more sophisticated system of cars, they use software that automatically switches to AWD or 4WD even before the wheels be in slippery driving conditions. A reminder for the automatic 4WD, it shouldn’t be used on difficult off-road situations because it is always powered on all its four wheels which is not a good idea on the off-road basis.

For most 4WD wreckers, it is very hard to dismantle sophisticated cars. It requires more experience and skills like Loman Auto Exports. So that means, having a damaged car can be very expensive and time-consuming because you won’t be finding it in any salvage yards so easily.

If you are thinking of buying a 4wd you should first consider what you really need and where you will be using it because most systems are not usable in any type of driving conditions.