What To Consider When Buying A CCTV Camera

When deciding on a CCTV unit, it is important that you do your fair share of research on the options available to you in this area. Knowing exactly what you desire before starting to shop for your device will help you greatly. You will have to know the answers to questions your sales person will ask you such as where do you want your cameras located or will you prefer a coloured camera or a black and white. Which item will you prefer; a wired, wireless or IP networked camera? Using the research you find, match them up in order of what suits your requirement the most.

Making sure that you know what kinds of CCTV cameras to get will be your first step. You will need to select or short list your choices based on your research. The sales person at the selected store will be more than happy to clear up your doubts and compare the products on your short list in regards to their specifications. At this point you could also discuss the price ranges which these items fall into. You are however not required to make the purchase straight away. If it is possible, you could inquire from the store, what brands of each type are available for sale. You could do further research on the brands before making your final decision.

 While performing the adequate research on the choice of CCTV cameras, you might come across phrases such as “imaging chips” or “screen resolution”. You will need to look into specifications before making your final choice. For example, you will require an extremely clear picture on your camera monitor. For this you will need to check out the screen resolution on each camera available. A standard camera will possess a screen resolution of about 330 lines, however high resolution cameras, start from 400 lines upwards. The resolution directly affects the clarity of the picture that is captured.

The next area of concern will be purchasing a monitor that supports the screen resolution of the camera. You will also need to purchase a recording device such as a DVR which allows the footage to be recorded onto a hard drive for future use. You will usually have the option of setting how much of it gets recorded. Then camera will stop recording at a point and delete all the old footage and then begin to loop and record on top of the already captured, but now empty space. This is usually set for 30 days to one and a half months.

Making sure that these areas are looked into will ensure your CCTV shopping experience is made easier.